Pastor Ran and I sincerely want to say thank you to the congregation. Pastor Ran delivered “Caleb Yeonjun Kim” on Thursday, June 1, 2017. We went to the hospital for induced delivery because my baby’s valley was small compared to other normal babies, so the doctor said that it was the best way to deliver the baby early and nurture the baby outside of the womb with dry milk and breast feeding. That’s why we went to the hospital Wednesday evening. Ran had almost 24 hours of the painful process of natural delivery, but the baby was too large for Ran’s small hip-bones to be delivered naturally. For this reason, the doctor decided to perform an emergency C-section.

We were both very scared and afraid because we never expected a C-section and heard from the doctor that Ran and the baby would be in danger during the surgery. Due to some medical issues there were some small dangerous situations for both of them during the surgery. However, they are doing well now and are becoming better and better.

When I saw her surgery in the operating room, I felt hopeless in front of the unexpected hardship, even though I am a pastor. However, God gave me peace through the support we received from some of the medical staff members. Your prayers and spiritual support made me strong enough to handle it with confidence, as a father.

To be honest, we felt all of your spiritual support when we were in the operating room. I am convinced that because of your prayers, our family could come back safely to the house sooner than we expected.

In American culture, people express their thankful hearts by saying “Thanks” with shaking hands or a hug, but in my Korean culture, people express their thankful hearts by greeting with a deep bow. The Kim family is sending a deep bow to all church members. Thank you all.


Pastor Kook Ho Kim