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10-13-19  2 Timothy 2:8-15

October 13th, 2019  Sermon by  Barbara Loomis  2 Timothy 2:8-15 Imagine Early Morning Prayer every day , even on Sunday at 5am.  I am not a Morning person, added to arriving the day before after a thirteen and a half hour flight. The first 15 minutes are hymns. When I say the first 15 minutes…

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10-6-19 “Guard the Good Treasure”

October 6 2019 October 6th, 2019 2 Timothy 1:1-14 “Guard the Good Treasure” Could you guess what the best treasure is in the world? What kind of image does come to your mind when you hear the word, “the best treasure?” You may think about a big pile of money; you may think about a…

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