Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Giving Is … sharing.  It is an unicefacknowledgement that God owns everything.  We are simply stewards.

Getting ready for Halloween usually means finding a costume, appropriate make-up and the biggest goodie bag ever.  Halloween celebrations can also be a time to teach children (and adults) about giving, when you invite them to “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF”

Children become very excited about this opportunity to help less fortunate children to have clean water to drink, medicine, and warm blankets.  Once they’ve been invited to turn the rather greedy tradition of trick-or-treating into a way to help “the least of
these”, children seem grateful for the chance to give.  And those they visit on Halloween tend to respond with enthusiasm and gratitude as well.  Let’s not
overlook the ways our children can be encouraged to be good stewards and
leaders in living the gospel of Christ among us, throughout the upcoming
holiday season.

This is a great way  to help raise money for kids around the world!